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I am Me and I Can...

I am Me and I Can...


Michael, a boy with learning disabilities narrates his story in a positive light, relaying both sides of the coin, the bright side and the flip side. He describes the different feelings he experiences in various scenarios. Most importantly, at the end of the day, it is clear that he is proud to be Michael, and is aware of his unique qualities. He knows he can do many things. When we discover our strengths and develop them, self-esteem follows suit.


Children with learning disabilities deserve to get the education that is rightfully theirs, and the “right” education is one that strengthens their strong points and does not dwell on their weaknesses. It is our obligation as parents to discover our children’s strengths. If they do not have an excellent on their report card, it is our obligation to find that “excellent” elsewhere. Why Math, and not theatre? Constructing scenery for a play is a lesson in geometry, law of physics, lighting and perspective. We have to find the benefits in what’s different.


Take a moment to remember your kids playing with the toddler toy sorting cube where you have to fit the right geometric shape into its match. I have memories of my children trying to put a triangle into a square. No matter how hard my kids tried to force the triangle into the square it never matched up. If I were that triangle, I would feel pain, frustration and anger. And that’s exactly how Michael feels at home and in school each day.


Children come in all sizes and shapes. They are individuals with different ways of learning. Let’s stop trying to fix the child when they don’t have to be fixed. Let’s stop trying to force the triangle into the square.


I am Me and I Can, not only addresses the issues of a child with LD. It also takes an empathetic look at Michael who deals with being different everyday. Most importantly my book offers Michael strategies that he can successfully apply to his life.  


The book is intended for children approximately ages 7 to 11 years old. Some children may read this book on their own, others may have this book read to them by a parent or teacher.

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