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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Who inspired you to write If Only…?

My daughter

2.    Who can benefit from this book? And how?

Teens with learning disabilities. If Only… sends a clear message about building on one’s strengths rather than weaknesses. Everybody deserves to get the education that is rightfully theirs. If they don’t have an excellent report card, it is necessary to find that excellence somewhere else, like sport, music, art, carpentry, etc. If Only… shows how frustration and feelings of inadequacy at school, at home and amongst friends overpower Lisa’s life, destroying her self-esteem. 

3.    Did your daughter have learning disabilities?

Yes, and school was a major struggle from first grade on.

4.    What helped her build her self-esteem?

Jewelry design/making and a supportive family.

5.   How does If Only… guide parents and educators to help their teens?

Sometimes adults have to think out of the box. If Only… will help parents and educators take a closer and more insightful look at their teenagers. It’s our obligation as parents and educators to help our teens find their path, even if it’s not the one “we’re all supposed to take.”

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