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If Only...

a wonderful author that writes on an important issue - social inclusion of people with disabilities. kol hakavod

She is a smart, intelligent and sincere author .. and that’s the way she writes.. I loved reading her previous book ,which dealt with an important issue of disability in a sensitive and humane manner.
Bravo for dealing with such a touching subject.

If Only By Dahlia Karlin | If Only
I am Me and I Can

I had read your book today and I really like it. When I start to read this book, then I found I can’t stop reading it. Because it let me desire to know what happened to Michael. Your book is easy to read and interesting.

My favorite part of this book is, when Michael found that he can take a good picture and everyone like it, he believes that he is a greatest photographer. And furthermore these things let him become a self-confident boy, how wonderful.

I think it is very imp...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful book with me. What an easily understood message showing that everyone is unique and talented in their own way!

All the best with future novels :)

With love from Cape Town, South Africa

I just read your book & thought it was very special with a wonderful message that is very timely & important. We all knew kids with these kinds of issues. Even as adults, they sometimes cannot overcome the way they saw themselves in school. I would assume that even though we hope kids today would be more tolerant, children with limited exposure to children with differences will find your book extremely helpful in explaining this concept (& it hopefully will help their parents). Thanks for exploring this important topic.

I am Me and I Can... By Dahlia Karlin | I am Me and I Can...

As a pediatric neurologist who daily diagnoses learning and attention deficit disorders I read with great interest and anticipation Dahlia Karlin's book: I am me and I can. The book describes a child who copes successfully with learning disabilities. I recommend this book to my patients. It helps them get a better perspective of their difficulties and paves their way to building self esteem.
Learning disorders are very prevalent and affect more than 10% of the population. Mo... See More

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