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Dahlia Karlin | About Dahlia Karlin

Dahlia's Bio

An ex-pat from New York, I now live in Israel where I've published two books – the first for young adults, the second a children’s book. Both focused on learning disabilities. My motivation to write my first two books and my new YA fiction was personal, having observed my own daughter's self-esteem diminish both educationally and socially from year to year.

I am a professional musician, with a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Ithaca College School of Music and a Master’s Degree in Music from New York University. I taught music (through movement and the related arts) for twenty five years in the USA and Israel.

For over a decade now I have devoted my time to playing the piano (giving concerts in intimate surroundings) and writing.


During this decade I also witnessed my daughter’s struggle to create a new life for herself. It is with endless awe and gratitude that I see what she has accomplished and how full her life is, despite the very difficult past.


If Only… was a seedling of an idea during those darker days, and has grown into a book as my daughter grew and blossomed into the young woman I never dared dream she’d become. 

If Only... | Children's Book By Dahlia Karlin
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