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What is YA fiction?

YA fiction is so many things. It includes so many sub-genres and attracts teens with so many different interests. Each teen is an individual with different needs. Some have wonderful imaginations and are drawn to YA fantasy books, while others love a good mystery. There are LGBT teens who seek out LGBT fiction books. And there are teens that indulge in history and look for YA history fiction. The list goes on.

Young Adult Fiction - YA Fiction
What is YA Fiction?

Teens are individuals and each and every individual has their own interests. Even though they might be drawn to one type of YA fiction, I would hope that they venture out to broaden their horizons and seek out YA fiction books of another genre. Today, many adults cross over to read YA fiction which opens up a whole new world to them. And there are teens who read books that don’t fall under the category of YA. Exploring is always good for learning new things.

Even though I’m an adult who enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction books, I took the leap and wrote my YA fiction If Only… My book is contemporary, because that’s my personal interest. It’s a story true to life, a story teens can relate to on a personal level. The inspiration to write this YA fiction came from my daughter when she was a teen.

I would like to share an excerpt from my book’s synopsis relaying real life issues.

Best friends Lisa and G, teenage girls, one mainstream, one not, disconnect as Lisa's struggle begins. Lisa's learning disabilities, her school's intolerance, her mother's inability to understand, all combine to destroy her self-esteem, leading her to disaster. Lisa's mother puts an end to Lisa's one passion – singing, instead forcing upon her tutors (who are oblivious to her real needs) in the hope of keeping her on an academic track.

As Lisa's self- esteem deteriorates and frustration sets in, her bad choices begin to spiral out of control. She hooks up with troublesome Marty, which results in stealing, a pregnancy scare, a drug bust and a bit too much drinking.

Reading books that are different from our usual reading list, especially books out of our comfort zone can be beneficial in many ways. There is always something new to learn.

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