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Music, My Passion

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

A little bit about my passion/my inspiration. Music is my center, my balance. When I sit at the piano, I move the piano bench back and forth until I find its perfect position. That perfect position enables me to place my hands on the piano in their natural position. Then I take a leap into whatever piece I’m playing with heart and soul. It could be Gershwin, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin or a musical from Broadway.

At a certain point, I forget about all the prep as it becomes an integral part of me. My mind doesn’t stay idle for long giving way to my thoughts. They seem to bounce all over the place, most of the time interfering with the flow of the music. It’s a give and take situation. The music triggers thinking and the thinking triggers passionate music. The characters or the storyline fly around my head. Sometimes I have the urge to stop my piano playing and take notes. Other times I just hope my memory won’t fail me until I’m done.

So it is no wonder that my passion, in a big way, contributed to the development of my latest YA fiction If Only… as it came to be.

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