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A thank you to my website designer

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Recently, I discovered with great sorrow that my website designer Glo Gianos suddenly passed away. I was devastated. She was a WIX expert I had hired to custom make a website for my new YA contemporary fiction, If Only... Even though Glo was supposedly “just” an email work related friend, the truth is she was so much more. Over time there was a touch of “personal” in our emails. She made a distinct effort to get to know me, by reading my emails and not missing out on any detail. With much thought, Glo carefully designed my website so that it would depict my personality and character. I must conclude that my website turned out as I hoped it would. But most importantly, I totally enjoyed the process Glo and I shared getting there. That was an additional bonus. I will miss her emails filled with explanations, her dedication to be professional and most importantly her support. We worked well together, we had become a team.

Coincidentally, while I learned of Glo’s passing, I was preparing for a piano recital. At the time, I totally immersed myself into my music (Bach, Mendelsohn and Mozart), forcing myself to step away from any thoughts of my website and marketing. I gave my recital last week and now it’s time to regroup and get back to work as Glo most certainly would advise.

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