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Learning disability books


Dahlia Karlin is a young adult author who writes books about learning disabilities. Motivated by her own daughter that was struggling with learning disabilities and self esteem issues, she started writing her own realistic contemporary books specifically built around learning disabilities that are designed to educate people that are unfamiliar with these delicate issues.

Books about learning disabilities


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Her writing offers support for children, teenagers and adults that are affected by learning disabilities on a daily basis. Dahlia Karlin’s books are intended to help both young adults and children build their self esteem as she believes that children and young adults with learning disabilities deserve to get the education that is rightfully theirs.

Books for children with learning disabilities

Dahlia Karlin’s books include If Only… and I Am Me And I Can that are both intended to boost self esteem and awareness in children and young adults that struggle with similar learning disabilities everyday. These books are a great way to educate and raise awareness about learning disabilities within schools, homes and day to day life.

Learning disability book

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