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Books for children with special needs


Dahlia Karlin is a young adult author that writes books for children with special needs. Based in Israel, Dahlia was motivated to write about special needs after observing her own daughter’s self esteem diminish both educationally and socially from year to year. 

Books for children with learning disabilities

Writing about special needs is Dahlia's way of raising awareness about the struggles that go along with children that have special needs, while still educating parents, friends, classmates and teachers on the subject. Dahlia Karlin’s books for children and young adults provide great insight into the world of someone living with a special need.

Fiction books about learning disabilities

Dahlia Karlin’s children's books If Only... and I Am Me and I Can will help you and your child or young adult think outside the box when it comes to special needs, encouraging you to connect and understand the struggle that someone with special needs could be going through.

Books About Special Needs

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