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Dahlia Karlin - Books for An Only Child.

Dahlia Karlin

YA Author
If Only | Dahlia Karlin | If Only By Dahlia

If Only...

When G saw her best friend Lisa in the ICU she thought stuff like that doesn’t happen to sixteen year olds. The intolerance in Lisa’s school and her mother’s cluelessness paved the way for her addiction to Marty. When her bad choices spiraled out of control disaster was inevitable.

How would Lisa pull herself back together? G wondered if she even wanted to. If Lisa came out of her coma, G knew there was one thing that could help her change her life. And she wasn’t about to give up on her friend. 


I am Me and I Can...

Michael, a boy with learning disabilities narrates his story in a positive light, relaying both sides of the coin, the bright side and the flip side. He describes the different feelings he experiences in various scenarios. Most importantly, at the end of the day, it is clear that he is proud to be Michael, and is aware of his unique qualities. He knows he can do many things. When we discover our strengths and develop them, self-esteem follows suit.


Welcome to Dahlia Karlin

My passion is music. My purpose is writing.

My motivation to write my new YA contemporary fiction If Only… was personal. I saw my own daughter’s self-esteem crash in the classroom and with her friends from year to year.

If Only… was an idea that grew during those tough times. If you are someone who struggles with learning disabilities, you will feel Lisa’s pain. If you have a friend who struggles you will relate to G, Lisa’s other half.

I am totally devoted to my passion and my purpose.


Music moves me to write and writing inspires my passion at the piano.

And BTW when I take a break from my music and my writing I make a beeline for the freezer where my coffee ice-cream awaits me. Sometimes I go for the bittersweet chocolate instead!

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